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Avec Amour : May 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tribute Post

As most of you already know, i am 5 days away from living alone.

My lovely, talented, thoughtful, fun roommate is leaving me.

Yes, i realize how dramatic that sounds.... :)

Ashlee is leaving for a wonderful reason. She's being completely selfless, giving up life as she knows it, and moving to Haiti to help the educational system through an organization called Reach Global. And at the moment, she's committed to two years.

Two. Years.

(if you read my last post, you're familiar with my fear of time commitment!)

My roommate is about to become a real life, full fledged missionary. And she's ready. She's not only accepted this calling, she's excited for it. I admire it so incredibly much. And i wish more than anything i could ship her a fountain Diet Coke and a place to take bubble baths.

We've had a lot of fun over the past couple of weeks. Photos to follow. She's sitting 5 feet away from me, and just said "wow, you're blogging!" (since i've been slackin these days).... and i don't want her to know it's a blog about her. Muahaha, so far my plan is working and she doesn't even know ;)

Last night we got to have a prayer commissioning service for her at our church (Summit) and then have some dinner and cake with close friends. Not to mention we got to end our night with Ang, enjoying a very nice bottle of wine and just chatting. I will miss these times for sure!

But in t-5 days we leave for the road. We're having one last roommate hoorah - we're driving her zippy little car back to Minnesota (prayers excepted..... mainly that i don't get a ticket driving that fast little thing!!). We're driving to Nashville on night one and allllll the rest of the way that day.

it's really far.

You get the drift. I'm currently doing my best to make as many awesome playlists as i can that will keep me motivated at 10pm driving through cornfields : )

But really, pray for Ashlee. Pray for her time there, for the people she'll be ministering to, and pray for her new way of life in Haiti. I'm going to miss her oh so much as a roommate and a near by friend and person i know i can count on and go to for advice, and as much as i hate the thought of her leaving, i'm so excited to support her in this journey. I've got to stop writing, because i'm not allowed to cry yet!!!

So cheers to you, dear roommate - i'll come visit Haiti soon ;)

And after all this craziness dies down, i promise to blog more. 

Well, i promise to blog more one week after that - because i'm being reunited with three of my best friends in CHICAGO for Memorial Day weekend slash Ashley's 25th!!!!!

me, ash, case, and kim.... circa Spring 2005. 

First picture i could find of the four of us together... Man we look rough. Get ready for much better looking photos. Until then, everyone be good!


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Friday, May 6, 2011


Ok - so i realize that i haven't blogged in a while.

I am aware that the majority of my posts prior to my sabbatical were regarding growing up and getting old. But i realized some crazy numbers this past week... and that time is flying by very quickly!

Let's also note: it is my little sister's birthday. She's turning 23. Here is a picture of when she was 3.

Look at those babies!!
Annette on the left. Two Helman girls in the middle. Me on the right.
Everyone in jellies except Liv : )

Guess she's not so little anymore : (

So if this doesn't make me feel old enough.... the past 4 years have flown by.

It's been.....

ONE YEAR SINCE: the Coffee Bar has been open! It's not my baby anymore! I still remember the first month we were open.... i practically lived behind that counter. My my my how it has changed.

completely bare!

More signage, borders, flavors and over things than you could imagine.

TWO YEARS SINCE: i've lived in Fort Myers and worked at Hillgate. two years! me, the girl who REFUSED to sign a two year contract... and wanted something more in the six-month range.

during my first month at Hillgate

THREE YEARS SINCE: i graduated from college. May 3, 2008. How have three years managed to pass by without living in the same city/state as my best friends. Part of me is still waiting for summer to be over so that we can all move back into our house together....

my girls. being all graduated and stuff. it was a great four years together and i love this photo :)

FOUR YEARS SINCE: i moved to Nashville! The city that still has half of my heart. and almost 4 years since i studied abroad in London. the city where i left the rest of it.

a favorite coffee shop in Nash :)

my street in London. covered in snow :)

Ah. Life is moving quick. I need to make that bucket list soon.

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