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Avec Amour : April 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5 reasons i might possibly be a real adult?

First of all, this is just funny. and i'm sure we've all related at some point
This is why i'll never be an adult.

sorry for the bad words. but regardless.... it's pretty funny, right?

i think i've always had the notion that everyone else might grow up.... but for some reason, my friends and i were immune. and we would stay 21 forever. but then we turned 22. and 23. and 24.... and finally 25.

so i'm pretty sure my theory is null and void at this point.

but lately..... ive felt very adult like. i'm warning you, these are probably givens for you and most normal people, but apparently i'm late on the adult thing.

1. I got my car washed. 

Without being nagged by my father. This might seem elementary to you, but i hate paying to get it washed. and i hate washing it myself even more. so this is a big step.

2. I stopped biting my nails.

Once again, seems like a no brainer. but i've had pretty long nails for the past month or so. somehow i feel like it makes up for the past 24 years. two manicures and i'm a new woman.

3. I wear sun screen.

This, once again, is something i just neglected to do out of laziness. and out of the desire to be more tan than anyone else on earth at all times (which never happened). I've worn sun screen every day i've gone in the sun and managed to get a ton of compliments on how brown i am. win - win.

4. I have an actual morning routine.

Which sounds stupid. but i used to do my make up and eat breakfast in my car. after i scrambled to get ready quick, probably didn't do my devotions, and still out the door 5 minutes late. lately i've managed to get up, read my bible and eat breakfast, wash and blowdry my hair, do my make up in front of a mirror and still got to work on time. this is a huge improvement. some days i even make a cup of coffee for the drive to work. how mature!

5. I walked out of Target with STORE CREDIT - and managed to make no purchases. Not. One.

I don't know that it's ever happened before. I think I've finally learned self control. it's a bargain shopping miracle.

I'm going to go ahead and give myself bonus points for keeping up with my blog. If i start talking about a 401-k or retirement, just slap me.

But tomorrows grown up goal - waking up on the first alarm. not the 5th snooze of the 3rd alarm (that is not a joke. i have a serious snooze problem). WISH ME LUCK!


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Yes, i have been a blog slacker. I'm very sorry.

to catch you up - i got a massage. and a hair cut. and a manicure. but to be honest, i look the same. and i feel the same.

but i decided that what i officially want from now on for every birthday and holiday is gift cards to a spa. because spas are the best place... ever.

but i digress.

I had a great weekend. Nothing elaborate. But really great. I'll do my best to summarize in 10 photos or less.


Killer view on the way to work.

Post work mani with Ang - Shellac #2.
Baby pink is completely out of my normal range - i'm a lincoln park after dark girl for life.

Here's the color - CND in Rose Bud. I like it! it's forcing me to be spring-y : )
This photo doesnt really count.... it's form last year.
But one of my favorite parts about spring Friday Nights - the church Softball league!
I lovingly call it Friday Night Lights, and love going out to cheer the boys on. it's so fun!


Breakfast with my momma.
First Watch is my favorite breakfast place... that has my least favorite coffee in the world.

we can't resist a pet store. SO CUTE!!!!!!

A little shopping results in.....
New. Favorite Dress.
$19. Yes please.
Had to get a close up of the pattern. I'm obsessed with this dress!

Speaking of obsessed... Meet Rhyan. I love her.
Love her. And her boyfriends band......

....We The Culprits!
I spent the evening why Rhy and Q and some new friends at the show.
These guys are pretty freaking good. Check em out.

I'm going to spare you another picture from First Watch..... because yes, i went there two days in a row. I love breakfast. and i love First Watch! Luckily i avoided the coffee on day 2. But i did have the same awkward server!

My favorite part of Sunday Funday - post church post lunch POOL TIME :)
Boys (and Ashlee!) watched the Masters. The rest of us girls laid by the pool.
I absolutely adore Spring for this reason. It will be too hot soon : /
After we cooked dinner, we watched TRON.
I probably wouldn't have picked this movie... but i really liked it!
Ok.... so that was 12 photos. But i tried. It was a good weekend. What'd YOU do this weekend? : ) Hope it was great!


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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Update

I had a fab weekend. Despite the sickness i developed throughout the week, leaving me with an awful sore throat, i managed to get to see some of my favorite people.

Jonathan, Lindsey, and Emery Frazier. You've heard about them before in Hurrication III and the Top 5 Gifts that Give Back. Or you might have seen some of Jonathan's work.

And now i want to brag on them.

Jonathan and Lindsey are very good friends of mine. Jonathan was one of my best friends in college, and even after he moved to Nashville, we managed to stay very good friends. Once he met Lindsey, she and i became just as good of friends (and my roomie for a summer!).
Circa Fall 2006.
Circa... this afternoon 2011.
So naturally, once they got married and had a baby.... she would be the love of my life. Meet Emery Jayne.
Very hard to be cuter than this little love!!!!
Don't tempt me to post 100 pictures, because i will.

I haven't seen the Frazier's in over a year - quite the amount of time apart. So when i heard they'd be staying in North Redington Beach, FL (a short 2 hour drive away!) i knew a road trip was in order!

In the past 14 months, things have changed - Emery now walks, talks, and says "no" a lot. She doesn't want to let me hold her for hours at a time anymore which is sad for me, but exciting that she's such a bright happy little girl who just wants to explore and play all the time. she is so cute and so much fun! and i'm just completely obsessed with her.

But i was so happy to get even 24 hours with this fantastic couple. They have both come so far in their lives: personally, spiritually, as a couple, and in so many other ways, and i am greatly inspired by them as people. They've always been fantastic friends to me and supported me through a lot of seasons in life.

It is so refreshing to hear what they are doing in life. They have never settled for the norm or what people think you're "supposed to do" at this age. Neither of them are interested in ordinary lives, or ordinary relationships with Christ. They individually and collectively (as a couple) have amazing stories, and i hope one day you get to hear them. They are both very honest and both very transparent. I can't think of any other way to explain them except refreshing,

Lindsey might actually be the most thoughtful person i've ever met in my life. She is constantly thinking of others. And i mean constantly. I don't think she used the word "I" all weekend unless she was saying something she'd done or prayed for someone else.

And Jonathan, my FTC (full time creative) dreamer. Always reaching above and beyond what people tell him he can do, and i just love that he takes dreams and makes them reality. It's so great. Did i mention that he and one other guy Saved Blue Like Jazz with a dream from his garage? 

Yup, that's the Fraziers.

Needless to say, it was a great weekend. And i'm so thankful for being able to see my amazing friends. They're the kind of friends you feel like you only saw last week... and that's the best.

We didn't do anything crazy, but it wast just great for some quality time; Hung out with their families, played some cards, played with Emery, got some sun, and naturally, got some coffee.... some Bad Ass Coffee. Literally. I had to include this.

One for the collection - i couldn't resist.
The coffee was good. But i have to say - this completely blew me away. Iced Coffee.... with coffee ice cubes. Melting ice no longer ruins your flavor?!?!?!

Gotta see it to believe it!
I would love to say that i'd make this the new thing at the CB@B.... but we just don't have a big enough freezer. So maybe one day ;)

Hoping your weekend was just as fab! Here's to a great week xoxo

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