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Avec Amour : August 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011



[par-uh-dahys, -dahyz] - noun
1. ( often initial capital letter Eden.
2. a place of extreme beauty, delight, or happiness.
3. a state of supreme happiness; bliss.

I've been pretty lucky over the years. I've seen some pretty gorgeous places.

the Greek Isles

the Blue Lagoon :)
Roatan, Honduras

South Lake Tahoe, California 

For some reason, i tend to associate paradise with water.
not sure if this is a universal thing or not?

But lately, i've really felt like i truly live in paradise. 
Check out some sunsets and gorgeous pics from the last week or so.

Hammock at Casa Ybel
Sunset on Fort Myers Beach
Driving over the Estero Bridge
On San Cap Road on the way out to Captiva
Driving out to Ft Myers Beach
Blind Pass (Captiva Side)
Sanibel Causeway
That's all. It's just been so gorgeous out, i thought i should share. These are all pics from my ghetto phone.... so imagine what it's like in real life :)

Also, you're welcome to visit anytime :)

I think the great thing about paradise is that it is all in the eye of the beholder.
and it has no specific definition.

So... what's your version of paradise?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday: Free Trips and First Class

This just in: I officially have enough Delta Sky Miles to go anywhere in the continental USA!

I am also 1,000 miles away from having a free flight on Continental (read: my favorite domestic airline!!!) And luckily for me, you can buy 1,000 miles for a mere $50 - so i'll be doing that shortly! Because $50 is close enough to free in my opinion (when i haven't found a flight for less than $175 in the past year).

Which means all of my time and money going into these companies may have finally paid off - i get to go on two trips for free.

Free!!!!!!!(ok, plus $50)

Ok sorry. Hello. Back to reality :)

On another free trip alert: Delta royally screwed up my flight back from Wichita . They overbooked my flight by 15 people, and didn't have another available flight back from Wichita to Ft Myers until 4 days later.

Not cool, Delta.

I found a flight out of OKC the next morning, and came to Delta with my plan - and told them i'd like to be compensated for my time and trouble..... they appreciated my proactive approach and gave me the following:

First Class from OKC - ATL // ATL - RSW.
and $400 in FLIGHT CREDIT.

Thank you Delta! You can mess up again if you want to :)

First Class - my first time in first class, might i add - was cool. This was pretty much what happened.
- Sat down in my larger, extra leg room: Ooo. This looks cozy. But i'm 5'2'' - does it look like i need much extra leg room?
- Attention from Flight Attendants: Yes, a water prior to take off would be lovely. And you'll put my bag in the overhead bin for me? Muchos gracias.
- Unlimited Free Drinks: it was a 6am flight. i felt obligated to get a Bloody Mary. but i already had 3 Free Delta Drink Tickets... so i didn't really need it. But i guess i can use those on my next flight :)
- Flight Attendants Checking on you every 5 min: I'm fine!!!! I just got here! Leave me alone i don't need another drink. Oh, but that free banana and bag of Sun Chips look nice. Thanks!

and this was all prior to take off.

i felt very fancy! and it was comfortable with my complimentary blanket and pillow in my extra large seat.
but i'd never ever ever pay more than a $50 upgrade charge to do it; average domestic round trip first class tickets are 60-75% more expensive than normal flights - and all you get is about $25 in added value.

maybe $50, if you keep the drinks flowin.

My pepperless bloody mary.
But a very cool experience nonetheless :)

Now - where to go with my 2 freebies and $400? Any suggestions?
Unfortunately none of this is applicable to foreign travel.... so looks like i'm keepin it States side!

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