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Avec Amour : Packing for Two Weeks in Europe in a Carry On

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Packing for Two Weeks in Europe in a Carry On

This is pretty close to what I brought with me to London, Bruges, and Copenhagen. I didn't include my underthings or 1 pair PJ's, but that's all the clothing that was in my bag. I didn't even go roller board suitcase, we opted for our backpacks, because after you go over about 5 cobblestone streets you'll be SO GLAD you're not rolling anything. (This is the bag I have and I LOVE IT!) Plus, three of these eBags packing cubes fit perfectly and carry everything we need!

I can honestly say I wasn't sick of these clothes, which is amazing.

2 Weeks in Europe

5 Tops
These 5 tops vary in weight, color and warmth. Black tank and grey t shirt can be layers or worn alone. The three sweaters have varying sleeve lengths, different types of knit, etc.

2 Pants
I only ended up wearing the black jeans. For some reason once I pack those burgundy pants, I never want to wear them. Not packing them anymore! We were able to wash our clothes 1/2 way through the trip, so this wasn't a problem.

2 Coats
This was really 1 coat, and 1 kind-of-jacket that's more like a cardigan. It was more to change up my layers, as it wouldn't keep you warm below 75* weather. I was a little sick of my 1 black coat, but it was keeping me very warm and dry, so I stopped being sick of it and was just thankful I brought it!

2 Shoes
1 everyday and 1 running shoe. Last year I brought 2 pairs of cute shoes to Italy and I never wore the 2nd pair. I decided to stick to one pair that would cover all sins - and it worked great! These have just enough of a heel that they looked dressed up with a nice necklace and my dress.

1 Black Dress

This dress is a favorite of mine over tights, and it worked for our few nice dinner nights. I could also layer sweaters over it for a casual daytime look.

2 Scarves
This is a milestone for me - i love bringing millions of scarves, but I stuck to 2! I kinda wish I brought 3, since it's basically the only thing you see in our photos except my jacket, but I also thought I might buy one while we were there and thought i'd save my space. At the end of the day I love these two fun scarves and thought they were great choices.

1 Beanie/1 Gloves

Also, wish I would have brought 1 more beanie. I kind of brought it thinking I would use it 1 day, if even - but I wore it almost every day because of all the rain! My grey fingerless gloves were perfect for the whole trip. They're from H&M and my favorite!

1 Set Workout Clothes
Biking in Copenhagen, going for a run in a park - glad I had a set.

2 Pairs Stockings

These were great for my dress and also to add a layer of warmth under jeans on a chilly day. You'd be surprised how warm tights can be!

Just a few outfits - unfortunately, you can't see what's under my jacket half the time. But with different hair styles, lipstick, and switching up scarves and beanies, you can get a few different looks without bringing your whole closet with you.

Two weeks carry on only in Europe in the COLD - you can do it!
Let me know if you need help, have questions or just think I'm crazy :)

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At September 27, 2016 at 9:07 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Hey! I am heading to europe this Saturday for 2 weeks. Would you say packing a similar assortment of clothes you did would be sufficient?

At October 5, 2016 at 5:47 PM , Blogger Renee said...

Hi Liza! I'm so sorry I'm just seeing your comment, I was on a cruise with no internet!
It won't be that cold just yet -- I would go more light layers so you can add and take away, as a lot of places are still in the 80's during the day. Hope this helps!


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