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Avec Amour : Playlist for Fall in Italy

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Playlist for Fall in Italy

I've always been obsessed with music. It's been a good week for music in my book, as the new Damien Rice was released & new Copeland (a band I never thought I'd hear from again) dropped a few days ago.

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is wander the streets with my headphones in and a killer soundtrack. 

We're gearing up to leave for Italy, so I thought I needed a new playlist for the long train rides. 

Press play, close your eyes, and imagine that you're in a train car with countryside passing at high speeds. Every song goes. It's a little moody & a bit melancholy, but it definitely works :) 

T-2 days and we're off!

PS - Just to be clear: I feel the same way about Spotify as Taylor Swift. I believe artists should have the opportunity to get gold & platinum record certifications (T-Swift's 1989 is the ONLY album this year to reach platinum.... maybe because people had to actually purchase it?!). I believe in buying music & supporting artists that you love! I only used Spotify to be able to embed this playlist... I do not pay for a Spotify subscription because I buy albums. All of the songs you see above, I own personally :) And I think you should buy them, too!

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