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Avec Amour : This Week in Travel: Vol. 28

Monday, June 15, 2015

This Week in Travel: Vol. 28

There are so many travel blogs & publications I read on a daily basis! Wanted to share some of my favorite links, articles, info graphics and tips from around the web this week.

I know I'm always saying how you should take vacation, and use up your PTO, and get out and see the world... but I truly believe it! A friend of mine works for a company who gives employees 30 days sabbatical after 5 years, and $1000 per year to fund their vacation (so $5k and 30 days paid vaca.... amazing). They are trying to prevent burnout! Why isn't this the norm? 

I really believe travel has the ability to change you and make you grow unlike anything else. 

What's your dream trip? Where have you always wanted to go? Let's make a plan and make your dream trip happen. 

I'm fired up about this. Seriously, if you have any questions for me about finding the right plane ticket, how to make a trip happen or anything else, PLEASE send me an email to: avecamourblog AT gmail DOT com - Let's use that paid vacation time wisely!

Hope your week is great!



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