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Avec Amour : Wanderlust Wednesday: Free Trips and First Class

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday: Free Trips and First Class

This just in: I officially have enough Delta Sky Miles to go anywhere in the continental USA!

I am also 1,000 miles away from having a free flight on Continental (read: my favorite domestic airline!!!) And luckily for me, you can buy 1,000 miles for a mere $50 - so i'll be doing that shortly! Because $50 is close enough to free in my opinion (when i haven't found a flight for less than $175 in the past year).

Which means all of my time and money going into these companies may have finally paid off - i get to go on two trips for free.

Free!!!!!!!(ok, plus $50)

Ok sorry. Hello. Back to reality :)

On another free trip alert: Delta royally screwed up my flight back from Wichita . They overbooked my flight by 15 people, and didn't have another available flight back from Wichita to Ft Myers until 4 days later.

Not cool, Delta.

I found a flight out of OKC the next morning, and came to Delta with my plan - and told them i'd like to be compensated for my time and trouble..... they appreciated my proactive approach and gave me the following:

First Class from OKC - ATL // ATL - RSW.
and $400 in FLIGHT CREDIT.

Thank you Delta! You can mess up again if you want to :)

First Class - my first time in first class, might i add - was cool. This was pretty much what happened.
- Sat down in my larger, extra leg room: Ooo. This looks cozy. But i'm 5'2'' - does it look like i need much extra leg room?
- Attention from Flight Attendants: Yes, a water prior to take off would be lovely. And you'll put my bag in the overhead bin for me? Muchos gracias.
- Unlimited Free Drinks: it was a 6am flight. i felt obligated to get a Bloody Mary. but i already had 3 Free Delta Drink Tickets... so i didn't really need it. But i guess i can use those on my next flight :)
- Flight Attendants Checking on you every 5 min: I'm fine!!!! I just got here! Leave me alone i don't need another drink. Oh, but that free banana and bag of Sun Chips look nice. Thanks!

and this was all prior to take off.

i felt very fancy! and it was comfortable with my complimentary blanket and pillow in my extra large seat.
but i'd never ever ever pay more than a $50 upgrade charge to do it; average domestic round trip first class tickets are 60-75% more expensive than normal flights - and all you get is about $25 in added value.

maybe $50, if you keep the drinks flowin.

My pepperless bloody mary.
But a very cool experience nonetheless :)

Now - where to go with my 2 freebies and $400? Any suggestions?
Unfortunately none of this is applicable to foreign travel.... so looks like i'm keepin it States side!

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At September 14, 2011 at 12:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is where you should come/go with those vouchers. in fact, i heard you're looking for a new place to live. you can just get a one way. i'll share my bed.


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